Holistic Leadership Coaching

Gitta Sivander

Co-Active Coach | Leader | Teacher | Guide | Facilitator

I enable leaders at all levels to elevate their game through greater confidence, presence, communication, and presentation skills. Through my strong somatic background I bring deep wisdom of the body, which enables transformation in my clients through accessing body-mind and emotional wisdom.

See below to learn more about my path to coaching and why I am passionate about working with leaders.


Professional Bio

Gitta is a co-active coach with over 12 years of experience in professional communication, executive presence, confidence, and presentation coaching. Clients also seek to work with Gitta to bring clarity for career change, fulfillment and life purpose. Gitta supports leaders in finding courage, integrity and clear vision during times of transition. Her mission is to change the world by changing the way leaders think. Since 2008, Managers, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and presenter around the globe have delivered masterful, authentic and impactful messages after a coaching relationship with Gitta. Whether in one-on-one settings, or speaking at conferences in front of large audiences, Gitta’s clients experience how changes to their non-verbal communication profoundly impacts their listeners. Having lived and coached in Germany, Sydney, Paris and Rome, Gitta’s international and quadrilingual background brings cultural diversity and a global mindset.

In addition to her coaching, Gitta’s strong background and knowledge of health, nutrition, yoga and mindfulness practices offers her clients a unique and holistic approach for achieving extraordinary results.

Certifications, Trainings and Tools

CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by CTI,
CoActive Training Institute
Certified MBTI® practitioner
Certified Leadership Circle ProfileTM practitioner
Neuroscience of Coaching
Clifton Strength assessment
Positive Intelligence, mental fitness and assessment
Bryon Katie – The Work
GROW model
NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming
SMT- Certified Somatic Movement Therapist
CLMA- Certified Laban Movement Analyst
Physical Therapist, University of Goettingen, Germany
Certified Yoga Alliance Practitioner
Dharma Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Designing Your Life, continuing education
Sleep Science, continuing education
Nutrition for Life, continuing education


How did I come to doing this work?

I was born in Bremen, Germany to a Swedish mother who was a physical therapist and to a German father who was a rocket engineer. My congenital hearing loss was severe but it wasn’t until I started school that I finally received a hearing aid. During the first 6 years of my life I learned to understand others through observing their body communication and sensing their intentions, developing my intuition from an early age. This gift became my passion as I brought body language and body communication to professionals and leaders.

My deep desire for learning advanced me from skills based trainings to more profound and exploratory approaches such as in coaching. Being a lifelong learner I believe in transformation as we journey through life. It is my passion to bring personal growth and transformation to people who desire and need it the most- leaders at the top and seekers of authenticity and truth in their lives. After living across three continents and visiting over thirty countries, my zest for outer adventure has turned into a desire for more inner discoveries on a search of deeper learning. My multi-faceted background in the performing arts, including having been an acrobatics and trapeze artist in Paris, having practiced theatre, dance, physical therapy, yoga, meditation, equine bodywork, fitness, health, nutrition, teaching, facilitating, speaking and leading seminars, as well as my recent 10 plus years in presentation coaching and body language work have brought me to the place I am today.

I enable leaders to thrive at work and in life by being in touch with their authentic selves, while delivering their message to the world through powerful, inspirational and memorable communication.


Claudia Beck, Co-Active Coach

Having worked as an executive in the retail & finance industry for over +25 years, I have always been fascinated by leadership, the human potential and our ability to change. I have held senior leadership positions for major Retailers internationally and have been leading & developing teams of +40 people in multiple locations. I am passionate about traveling & exploring different cultures. I have had the amazing opportunity to move with my career across the globe and have lived in Vienna, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, London and most recently in Santa Monica. I am bilingual in German and English. I hold a Business/Accounting degree, completed the Co-Active Leadership in 2011 and Co-Active Coaching in 2018, followed by the Natural Wisdom Leadership Training (NWL). I have +10 years of experience in coaching and developing leaders. Executive Coach – Leadership Development Coach – Relocation &Cultural sensitivities, Spirituality & Meditation, Purpose in Life

Teresa Lodato, Co-Active Coach

Highly accomplished, conscious leadership & relationship coach, best-selling author and speaker with over 20 years of experience at multibillion-dollar companies in the financial services sector. I am committed to helping individuals and teams achieve success in their careers, develop relationships that are healthy and supportive, and elevate self-awareness which I believe is the key to creating strong, cohesive and empowered relationships. I hold a bachelor’s in business administration (concentrations in accounting, finance and management), a master’s in psychology (pending). In addition, I hold credentials for: Awakening Women Institute (AWI) & Mill Valley Leadership training, multi-disciplined non-traditional modalities (Karuna Reiki, BodyTalk, Linking Awareness, Projective Dreamworker), Neuroscience of Coaching & Ecotherapy. I have over 5 years of experience guiding relationship success – Conscious Leadership and Relationship Coach – Transition Specialist, Purpose Driven Life, Fulfillment & Balance.


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