"Gitta Sivander is a masterful workshop leader who brings equal parts professionalism, wisdom and play to the space. She immediately makes you feel taken care of and safe. Working with Gitta is a wonderful deepening experience that I highly recommend!!"
Iris Mc A., Freedom from food addiction

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  • We offer leadership and management workshop
  • Improve workplace communication and performance
  • Time options: 90min, 2 hours, half day and full day
  • Choose your group size min. 4 to max. 50 participants

Presentation Delivery:

Excelling at your delivery with authenticity and ease

We will focus on how you come across when you speak in front of groups. This workshop is about how you use your body language and the way you communicate through you body, your face, your voice, and the use of your energy. We are honing into your expression, your level of confidence and how you deliver your message. Be prepared to apply your work topic and play it out in real.

Think and Speak on Your Feet

Improvisation skills for under-pressure-moments

Maybe you identify as an introvert, or you just wish to improve your communication skills, or English might be your second language. Practicing communication improv techniques will help you keep your calm in the most challenging business scenarios.

Staying Energized, Positive and Focused

Neuroscience of Growth

Research shows that the way we think and feel has a tremendous impact on our wellbeing. In order to maintain happy and healthy employees and counter depression, stress and burn out we want to give our people the tools to stay balanced and healthy long term- we can achieve this through the way we think and feel.

Embracing our EQ- How Emotional Intelligence Increases Communication

Management and Relationships

While emotions are often left at the door when you enter work, it can have devastating effects on business and all the people involved. As humans, emotions are part of our make up. By suppressing or excluding emotions we create unhealthy employees and an unhealthy work climate. In this workshop we will work on developing emotional self-awareness, learning how to make room for what is present and using tools to clear it.

WORKSHOPS By ELEVATE delivered by Gitta Sivander

Pick Your Favorite Level Up

1. Time and Energy Management

Management means a lot of juggling, prioritizing, context switching and emotional control! We cover how to manage your energy (physical, emotional, mental) and identify when you work best. We look at how you’re allocating your time and what you need to do to make it more efficient. Lastly we look at how habits work and how they impact our productivity.

2. Management Essentials

We look at 5 management techniques to help people feel prepared, confident and connected to their team. We cover how to build trust with your team, listening techniques, situational leadership, how to run good 1 on 1s and how to delegate properly.

3. Feedback and High Performance

We learn how to give high quality, consistent, actionable feedback to our team members and make that part of our normal interactions with them – part of the culture. We also look at how to use praise as a tool for motivation and performance improvement. 

4. Mastering Tough Conversations

“At the heart of almost all chronic problems in our teams and our relationships lie crucial conversations – ones that we’re not holding, or not holding well.” (Patterson et al) You learn how to prepare and have these conversations effectively and how to help others control their emotions in the moment. 

5. Coaching Fundamentals (2 hours)

Using coaching as a leadership technique can dramatically increase the quality of your relationships with your direct reports. They learn how to learn, feel more ownership over their work and feel more confident in their abilities. Coaching saves you time and energy too! We cover coaching fundamentals using the GROW model and when/how to use it.

6. Facilitating Group Discussions

We discuss basic facilitation dos and don’ts to make your problem solving or decision-making discussions far more efficient. We take the GROW model a step further and practice using it in team meeting situations. We also look at techniques to keep meetings on track and handle arguments!

7. Addressing Conflict

As managers conflict situations arise more than we’d like. In this workshop we learn why conflict happens, how to help people with their emotions and how to use a simple framework to facilitate conflict resolutions between team members. 

8. Having Influence

People will make a judgement about how competent you are in a matter of seconds. We learn about non-verbal communication, ‘playing high and playing low’, charisma (presence, power and warmth) and how to put your point across effectively when you’re in meetings. 

9. Running Effective Performance Appraisals

Learn how to run these well, give the feedback effectively, have a constructive discussion and set personal goals for the quarter.


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