Why is communication so important?

Communicate mindfully for more meaningful connections.
Improve relationships and decisions by increasing awareness of self and others.
Improve the quality of your relationships and business outcome by growing your communication skills.

Communication skills are essential for growing your professional career, for social life and when communicating with friends and family. Proficient verbal and non-verbal communication skills are the foundation of being understood accurately and quickly. Poor communication skills may lead to misunderstanding, frustration and adverse consequences in our professional and personal relationships.

Throughout every day we communicate through several different ways, including:

  • The use of our voice
  • Our body postures, gestures and expression
  • The way we use our eyes and facial expressions
  • Our attitude and use of energy
  • Our choice of words
  • The way we listen
  • And more…

You might be stepping up in your career as a manager or into a director’s position and are faced with news ways of needing to lead others. Or you are at C-level and are finding yourself in conflict situations through miscommunications. Maybe your are pitching to investors and want to make sure your quality of communication is at it’s best.

At Sivander Coaching we support you in becoming more effective in your communication skills, so you can create meaningful relationships and help others understand what you are conveying. Level up and grow your verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills, so you can:

  • Improve performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Build leadership skills
  • Improve team connections
“Gitta’s work prepared me for a difficult speech by helping me deal with the emotions behind it and then step into a new paradigm of being me. I highly recommend Gitta to anyone who wants to show up as themselves.”
Elizabeth H., Administrative Director

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