Is fear holding you back?

It doesn’t have to.

Do you feel insecure?
Do you experience self-criticism and self-doubt?
Are you anxious and tense when speaking or presenting?

Confidence Coaching is for you if you feel tied down and stuck by fear, self-doubt, unhealthy limiting beliefs, or experience lack of self-esteem. In confidence coaching, we empower clients by challenging their doubts and perceptions that are holding them back. Our work together is about moving past your fears so you can go do what you really desire to do.

In confidence coaching we will:

  • Use tools and strategies to overcome self-doubt
  • Give you the confidence to quiet your inner critic
  • Cultivate positive thoughts
  • Help you have the confidence to overcome the fight-flight-freeze pattern and
    move into action when you are feeling resistance or fear
  • Find freedom from the invisible prison of self-doubt

Some areas in which confidence coaching can help you:

  • Career: executive presence, public speaking and presenting
  • Social gatherings and networking
  • Relationships, friendships and dating
"Gitta's coaching has been immensely helpful for my personal growth. Gitta was extremely personable. She took the time to understand my needs as I had started working after a long break and was feeling unappreciated in some circles. She also provided me with tools that helped me stay focused and energized."
Pooja M., Senior Software Engineer

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