Design Your Life


Do you desire more fulfillment, at work and in life?

Are you ready for a job or career change but don’t know what to do next or how to go about it?

Are you seeking meaningful work that is in line with your values, interests, talents and personal circumstances?

Most of us find ourselves in a place of wanting or needing to make a career transition at some point in our lives. We may lack the clarity of what is most important to us. We may not be in touch with our values and beliefs. Our life purpose has changed, and now what? Maybe we have been in the same job for too long, or our personal life has changed such as through marriage and children. There is no single “right” or “best” answer to the question “What should I do with my life next”. Most of us are expected to have a least two if not three to five different careers in our lives. We grow and evolve and with that our passions, values and desires change.

At Sivander Coaching we are passionate about facilitating positive change in your work and life and we can be your partner in helping you to navigate through the process. A coach can be your partner in this transition and provide practical, focused and collaborative support.

Coaching sessions are a special place where we explore our truths, bring our deepest fears and desires, and where we learn more about who we are.
Design-Your-Life coaching includes:

  • Learning about your most important values
  • Using tools for finding clarity
  • Finding the roots of what is getting into your way
  • Personality assessments
“I cannot say enough about my work with Gitta. Game-changer is an understatement! I have broken through problems that have stopped me for years. In my few months of work with Gitta my health has gone from debilitated with chronic fatigue syndrome to unending energy. My sleep has gone from painful to nourishing. My romantic relationship has blossomed from frustration into partnership. Gitta’s coaching has freed up my power as a person. Her work is priceless!!!”
Imber C., Doctor of Osteopathy, Athens, Idaho

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