Executive Presence

What is executive presence
and why is it important?

Overall, executive presence is your ability to inspire confidence in others. A unique combination of authenticity, warmth and a genuine personal power will generate influence. Executive presence can be learned. While executive presence may appear to come naturally to many, it is actually a quality that most have worked hard to attain and we can help you do the same.

As you step up in your career, you will need to grow your executive presence. Demonstrating executive presence increases your chances of being more influential in the world around you.

Executive Presence is being built through a combination of skills and inner work on your values, believes and attitude. In order to achieve greater executive presence, we need to adjust our mindset, behavior and expression through the way we show up. Elements that play into achieving greater executive presence include:

  • Being intentional
  • Caring
  • Being curious
  • Listening
  • Ability to inspire
  • Being strategic
  • Ability to connect
  • Showing composure
  • Your use of body language

If you are a leader who is seeking to master executive presence including influence, inspiration and powerful communication, we invite you to contact us to design a plan to reach your executive presence goals.

"I sought out Gitta because I was looking for a coach who could help me work holistically on my executive presence. With Gitta I found that and much more. Her coaching has changed my relationship with myself and with my work for the better. I would recommend Gitta to anyone looking to lead a more thoughtful and engaged life."
Hilary G., Senior Product Marketing Manager

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