Health & Sleep


At Sivander Coaching we approach our clients from a holistic perspective and we see coaching as a multi-level approach, where we integrate numerous aspects of our body-mind-spirit. In health coaching we help our clients be at their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes to meet their needs and health goals. It is an integral part of reaching ones peak performance. Without paying attention to our physical well-being we are out of balance. When it comes to sleep, busy professionals tend to sleep less and work more until they reach a breaking point. While we think we can perform well on 5 or 6 hours of sleep every night, for most of us continuous sleep deprivation over several month drives havoc to our nervous and immune system. Our reaction time slows down, our focus vanishes and with that our performance goes out the window. When it comes to sleep coaching, it is the little changes that go a long way.

Ask you coach to integrate health and/or sleep coaching into your coaching session for a more holistic and integrated path on your way to reaching your personal peak!


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