On Camera


On Camera Coaching will help you with the use of your words, your voice, body language and facial expressions in a meaningful and impactful way. You will learn how to be more confident on camera while being authentically expressed, whether it is a video for a training, online presentation, social media, or for a promotional video.

You will learn to:

  • Be more confident on camera
  • Enjoy being on camera!
  • Speak clearly and with more comfort on camera
  • Have an authentic camera presence
  • Come across professionally while also being at ease
  • Select the right wardrobe to support your message
We will also help you create the right shots and images. Gitta Sivander used to model for several years and has a special relationship with the camera, which she is happy to help you with for your own images.
"I have been working with Gitta virtually on Skype/Zoom to improve my speaking skills for a video I am creating. The work has been tremendously helpful, Gitta lovingly enriched my experience to bring forward the best of me. She is a serious professional that inspires you to polish your speaking abilities so that you can reach the next level. I highly recommend Gitta!"
Lori B., Clinical Hypnotherapist and Behavior Coach, Dallas, TX

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