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Are you an executive presenting at conferences or at regular all-hands meetings? Or are you a professional who is preparing for a sales presentation? Maybe you are an entrepreneur who needs to make sure that your message is well delivered to attract more clients to your service or product offered? No matter if you are a seasoned presenter or are new to public speaking, we’ve got you covered. We work with executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to deliver a memorable presentation. We help you with:

  • Presenting authentically with charisma, purpose and clarity
  • Exchanging your nervousness for confidence and connection
  • Learning how to own your room versus your fears owning you
  • Speaking with passion and vulnerability that leaves your audience wanting more
  • Being inspiring while creating a memorable delivery
Our approach includes Sivander Coaching’s unique method, the ACCEPT Method. ACCEPT stands for Authenticity, Confidence, Connection, Expression, Presence and Trust. This method helps you step into delivering a message that fully inspires your audience.  Our focus is on the presentation delivery. Through your improved presentation you will have a positive impact on your career, work opportunities and life.

Our emphasis is on a personalized approach, where we customize and create the sessions based on your needs, ability and goals. No two sessions will ever be the same, as no two clients are the same. Work with us if you like to:
  • Polish your speaking skills
  • Become a more charismatic speaker
  • Up your speaking confidence
  • Overcome fear of speaking
  • Understand your body language to have a greater impact on your audience
  • Sell in front of an audience
  • Take your career to the next level
  • Speak to investors and stakeholders and gain their trust
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Prepare for a higher leadership position as you step up in your career
  • Challenge yourself and learn more about yourself
  • Have more fun speaking !

Gitta’s Son Ari, 2014

We are looking forward to connecting with you to find out more about your speaking and presentation goals.

I cannot even describe all the important things I learned from Gitta, working with her has been truly transformative! After my last talk there were 30 people lined up and wanting to talk to me. Could not be happier with the work we did!
Katharina V., COO of a Biotech startup

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