TED Talks

Do you want to rock a TED
or TEDx talk?

Then get ready for a wonderful ride ahead of you… Maybe you have been asked to speak at a specific TED stage and all you needed was to say “YES”. Or you know your next thing is to find a TED stage to speak on, but you have no idea of how to put your ideas into a compelling talk. You may choose to prepare your TED talk all by yourself, however you are also keenly aware that it will be seen by tens or even hundreds of thousands of people, and it will be up on the net for many years to come. Likely, you are already a well-rounded speaker and have been speaking to larger groups many times. Still, preparing for a TED talk is a different game. There is a format to follow, and most of all there are numerous aspects to keep in mind when preparing and then delivering your TED talk on that red dot carpet. If you want to rock your talk, you want to hire a coach who can help you with going from good to outstanding!

For TED talks, Sivander Coaching specializes in:

  • Script Development: Coaching you with your idea and supporting our in creating an inspiring
    compelling and memorable talk
  • Presentation Delivery: Supporting you in delivering an exceptional and authentic talk.

    We work with you on:
    • Finding congruency between your words and your body expression
    • Vocal expression
    • Connecting to your audience
    • Your use of energy in story telling
    • Space and stage use
“Gitta was a phenomenal support and guide as I began to prepare my TEDx talk. She coached and guided me to dig deeper into my authentic feelings and my true voice during certain aspects of the talk. She has a deep intuition around public speaking and helped me draw out my real voice.”
Juna Mustad, Coach and Facilitator

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